Rural Fuel – 2011 Supreme Business Award, Professional Service Award & Integrity & Ethics in Business Award

The Team at Rural Fuel gained much from entering these awards; the awards made us stop and think hard about our business, about what we have achieved over the years since its inception. It was the first time we have carefully documented our journey and it provided further clarity on our vision for the future of the company. It also made us more aware of areas we need to focus on to make Rural Fuel stronger.

Winning the Manawatu Business Supreme Award was a tremendous accolade for Rural Fuel; it made everyone, the staff and our many clients feel part of a winning team. The business has benefitted for being the winner of the Service Excellence Award. This has reinforced to our clients and our staff the emphasis we place on providing a great service. The Integrity and Ethics Award has been a constant reminder of how we operate and the standards we have set ourselves as a company. Entering and succeeding at these Awards has been extremely beneficial for Rural Fuel.


MASH – 2011 Spirit of Manawatu Award

For MASH, entering into the Westpac Manawatu Business Awards provided us with an opportunity to really look at the contribution we were making to the community. The information session facilitated by the Judges was a great help in preparation of our application and made us validate our business practices by measuring the organisation against each criteria.

MASH was able to benchmark our performance against commercial entities in the Manawatu to demonstrate that even a social service can measure up and must be managed in a business-like manner. Since the Awards night we have raised the profile of our organisation in the Manawatu. The ability to use the Westpac Manawatu Business Awards and claim the title of Winners of the Lindsay International Spirit of the Manawatu in our communication clearly demonstrates to those were a communicating with that they are dealing with a professional organisation that has been judges as such by leaders in the business community.


CB Norwood Distributors

CB Norwood Distributors are spreading the success they experienced as Supreme Business and People Investor Award winners in 2009 by hosting the 2010 launch.

Norwood has a strong history of business in the Manawatu and is well-established within the farming industry, but had not been as widely recognised within the local business community.

Following the 2009 awards they really stepped up their involvement by working with Vision Manawatu and mentoring students at New Zealand Business Week.

CEO, Tim Wilkes, described entering the Manawatu Business Awards as “a timely review of our business and future direction”, and winning as “highly motivational for our staff during a time of recession and downturn in farming”.

He feels it was truly rewarding and worthwhile process for Norwood, and a great opportunity to celebrate the success of a business that’s been based in Palmerston North since 1948. He’s delighted to be involved in the 2010 awards and looks forward to congratulating this year’s winners.

The launch, to be held August 12, is shaping up to be a fabulous evening for sponsors, previous winners and businesses interested in entering the 2010 Westpac Manawatu Business Awards.


ComputerCare NZ Ltd

ComputerCare NZ Ltd won the Professional Service category at the 2009 Manawatu Business Awards and, after opening two new branches in Tauranga and Hawkes Bay earlier in the year, they are now one of the largest independent IT companies in New Zealand.

Co-owners, Wayne Masters and Daniel Goymer, entered the business awards having developed their business to a point that they were very proud of. They viewed the awards as an opportunity to achieve recognition of their efforts amongst the business community and gain further credibility in the marketplace.

Wayne described winning the Professional Service category as having a huge impact on the morale of the Computercare team. “It has given our team a real lift. It has made them proud to work here and recognise that we aren’t just another player in the market, but an organisation operating at the top of its game” he said.

He encourages those looking at entering the 2010 business awards to develop a comprehensive submission saying: “the process is a very useful exercise and will pinpoint any gaps in your internal plans and processes”.


The Art of Framing

Entering the 2009 Manawatu Business Awards was an eleventh hour decision for Keith from The Art of Framing. As winner of the Best Emerging Business category, it’s a decision he’s glad he made.

The awards offered Keith an opportunity to critique his business processes. It prompted him to take a step back and look objectively at the reasons for The Art of Framing’s growth.

He realised the need for constant evaluation of not only what he was doing, but how he was doing it.

Keith found the judging process helpful in prompting him to think about the future. “For me, the point they raised, that I hadn’t even considered as a new business, was succession planning and a ‘what if’ scenario” he said.

The Manawatu Business Award continues to attract new customers to The Art of Framing. “I recently had a first time client come in, in the middle of July, referring to the Manawatu Business Award. This was 8-9 months after the awards publicity”, Keith said.

Keith and his partner thoroughly enjoyed the awards evening and winning came as a complete surprise.

He encourages other businesses to enter the awards as it “gives you an opportunity to look at your overall business including ongoing professional development, business ethics, best practice, ‘S.W.O.T’ and community involvement”.

He recommends asking another business person to take a look at your business from a fresh and impartial perspective, engaging with a business mentor and seeking regular counsel from professional advisers.


Educators NZ Ltd

Lynda describes her reason for entering her business, Educators NZ Ltd, in the 2009 Manawatu Business Awards as “twofold”. She entered to gain a clearer view of her business’ progress and future direction, but also to compare her company to other companies within the Manawatu.

She found the entry and judging process to be “very fair and thorough” and recommends all entrants attend an application workshop to gain “excellent tips and advice on how to best answer the questions”.

She also found the visit from the judging panel to be “unintimidating, open, relaxed and very professional”.

The impact of winning the 2009 Best Micro Business Award has been significant for Educators NZ Ltd. “It provides credibility and respect among current and future clients”, Lynda said.

Lynda had a great night at the awards and recommends other businesses “give it a go”. She described it as an excellent medium for her to gauge where her business was and where it should/could be heading.


NZ Rugby Museum

Deputy Chairman, Phil Monk, suggested the New Zealand Rugby Museum enter the 2009 Business Awards in a bid to gain publicity and raise funds to cover relocation costs.

Manager, Steve Berg, describes winning the Spirit of the Manawatu Award as “a nice feeling for our volunteers to know their efforts were recognised”.

He found entering to be an extremely comprehensive process causing them to recheck their mission and facts. They soon discovered only well run businesses could win awards.

Steve described the awards evening as “fantastic” saying: “It’s great to see people being recognised for successful businesses in the current climate.”

To those looking to enter in 2010 Steve says: “it’s recognition amongst the business community and also a great process to go through. It makes you work hard to ensure your business has plans and goals in place and is operating well.”