Stage 1 – Nominations Open

Anyone is able to nominate a business for the Awards. Any business that is located within the Manawatu district boundary can enter the awards. We will consider nominations from the wider Manawatu region; however, they will need to verify how the business contributes to the Manawatu region. Nominations open on 2 July 2018.

Stage 2 – Nomination Acceptance

We’ll get in touch to explain the next steps in more detail. You will need to ‘accept’ the nomination and sign a declaration form stating that you are financially viable, and you agree to the terms and conditions, including the judging of the Awards.

Stage 3 – Preliminary Judging 

When will judging take place? Preliminary judging is to be completed between 10 and 21 September 2018. You will be contacted by your allocated preliminary judges who will arrange an agreed date and time to visit your business. You will need to be for their visit during this period, please allow up to 2 hours.

Who are the preliminary judges? The preliminary judges are drawn from the wider Manawatu business community and havecontibuted their time voluntarily to undertake the judging duties. All judges have participated in a workshop so that they are assessing to a uniform standard  to produce a transparent and consistent outcome.

The judges are looking at seven areas: 

  1. Vision, Leadership and Governance
  2. Planning and Strategy
  3. Business Performance/Financial
  4. Marketing and Customer Focus
  5. Quality and Systems
  6. People Management
  7. Health and Safety

Under each of these area you will be asked a number of  questions (5-9 per section). Your responses will be assessed  individually.

Be assured that all information shared with the judges will be treated in strict confidence with all judges being required to  sign a confidentiality agreement with you.

Who should be involved in meeting with the preliminary judges? This is up to you, depending on the size and nature of your business. You may choose to involve staff to join you.

What preparation should you do? The preliminary judges are looking at your ability to supply unrehearsed answers to their questions. You will have the ability to respond based on the established processes and systems that you manage in your business. There may be some areas that you have not fully initiated in your business and these will be identified as potential developmental areas. It is recommended you have documentation to support your responses (e.g. Vision Statement, Marketing Plan, Business Plan, Performance Management information, Health and Safety Manual etc). Please note no formal presentation will be permitted.

How long should preliminary judging take? Two hours has been allowed for the preliminary judging process. One of the judges will be responsible for timekeeping. Answers and/or examples should keep to the essence of the question. The judges will ask for additional detail if they consider it required.

What happens after the preliminary judging?   Preliminary judges will complete their assessment and provide this information to CEDA. From this the finalists will be selected based on all preliminary judging assessment information.

What is the Spirit of the Manawatu Award? The Spirit of the Manawatu Award is open to any business that contributes to the Manawatu region. Contribution may be measured in terms of employment and wealth creation, community investment and support, charitable inputs etc.

The judges will be looking for the following:

  • Recognition and support of the community
  • How your business supports the industry/organisation sector(s) in which you operate
  • Evidence of the businesses support for staff involvement in social, community or environmental initiatives.

Stage 4 – Finalist Announcement Function

A Finalist Announcement Function will be held on 27 September 2018 at the Hotel Coachman where you will learn if you have been selected as a finalist. If announced as a finalist you will then enter the finalist judging round. You will be contacted by the finalist judges and will be in contention for an Award to be announced at the Gala Awards Night.

Stage 5 – Finalist Judging 

Finalist judging will be undertaken between 8 and 19 October 2018. You will be contacted by the finalist judges to arrange a date and time (between 8 and 19 October) for an interview. They will undertake a similar process but with more focus on key areas of assessment. They will require financial performance data to assess the financial strength and profitability of your business. Annual Accounts, Management Accounts, graphs or other data can be used to support. No financial information will be removed from your premises.

Stage 6 – Gala Awards Night

All results will be revealed at the Gala Awards Night held on 16 November 2018 at the Silks Lounge, Awapuni Racecourse.

Stage 7 – Feedback

All entrants will receive formal written feedback in early December 2018.